5 Fashion Trends To Thrift Now

Easy-to-find vintage trends are everywhere, you just have to know what to look for when thrift shopping.

Style is a balancing act. We want clothes that are feminine and sleek, tailored but relaxed, to look like we cared but at the same time appear as if it was effortless. And while the overwhelming fashion trend of the last decade has been for individualism, more than ever we are all dressing alike. Take a look around you. Mothers, daughters – and even grandmothers – are all wearing the same uniform of skinny jeans, boots and flowy tops. No wonder second-hand and gently-used clothing is what the cool kids are buying these days; it’s exceedingly unlikely anyone else – especially your mother – will be wearing what you are..

The key to the new way of dressing is to keep an eye on current trends to see what past fashions are being reconstituted now. Some seasons seem to be so revolutionary that we’re breathless at what to make of all the newness, while others like spring and the recent fall fashion shows reinterpret the trends we’ve already seen way-back-when and increasingly, in the oh-so-recent past. Luckily for lovers of secondhand style, the enduring feeling for ’50s-meets-’70s-meets-grunge styles made modern means its simple to create a unique look that’s all your own..

Here are five items that can be found in plentiful supply in vintage and thrift stores and – luckily for you and the planet – are making a comeback in this season’s and fall’s 2013 styles.

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