Salvation Army Volunteer of the Year Nominations

The Salvation Army National Captial Area Command is honoring the women, men, and teens who are making a difference in the lives of people in need on May 16 from 5-7 p.m. during the annual Volunteer Appreciation Reception at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery located in the Chinatown section of DC.

It is the Army’s way of saying thank you to those people who are doing the most good through the donation of their time. The event is wrapping up activities surrounding the 2013 local observance of National Salvation Army Week, and the reception is occuring on the closing evening of the photographic exhibit Others which spotlights The Salvation Army’s legacy and impact in the National Capital.

At the reception, awards are being handed out to volunteers from area Salvation Army offices throughout the District, capital region of Maryland, and Northern Virginia. One lucky person or group will be named Volunteer of the Year. Below is the entire list of nominees from the National Capital Area Command.

The Salvation Army depends on, and is grateful for, the donation of time from people living in the community in order to successfully carryout the organization’s mission of meeting human needs in His name without discrimination. In 2011, nearly 5,000 hours were donated to The Salvation Army by volunteers. If you, a family member or friend would like to make a difference through the donation of time, please click on GET INVOLVED and then Volunteer for more information.

Amazing Gospel Souls
Harbor Light Center

The Amazing Gospel Souls is an ensemble of musicians which formed in Lorton Prison. The story of the group is amazing in that all of the members have battled, and yes conquered, drug addiction. Now living on the outside, AGS plays at churches and events around town – for free. On many occasions, they have brought their talents by to the stage in the Harbor Light Center Chapel.

Hervey Machen
Prince George’s

Hervey Machen is an active Advisory Board Member at the Prince George’s County Corps. He has participated at the Corps for nearly 30 years. Each year at Christmas time, Hervey takes responsibility for several kettle locations including identifying volunteers to stand and ring the bell at a kettle for an entire day at a time. A member of the local Kiwanis Club, he has faith in the work of The Salvation Army.

Dianne Morales
DC Women’s Auxiliary

Diane is a member of The Salvation Army of Washington’s Women’s Auxiliary. She is being nominated for all the hard work she puts into the group. She is well organized and pays meticulous attention to detail. Passionately driven, Diane is always thinking of the ways to improve fundraising by the Women’s Auxiliary. Ultimately, this helps the organization to assist families in need.

George Brown
Prince William

In 2012, George Brown volunteered as The Salvation Army Prince William Corps Kettle Coordinator. It was his first year. In this role, he accepted the day to day responsibility of the kettle program’s operations including all of its workers, route schedules and driving. Every evening, he assisted the Corps leadership in counting the funds brought in daily at each kettle location throughout the area. Corps Officers Captains George and Robin Hackbarth say George Brown’s selfless giving of his time had a significant impact on the Corps.

Nicole Frias
Turning Point

Nicole is a volunteer intern at Turning Point Center who has been helping weekly at the transitional housing facility since the first part of this year. She is learning the fundamentals of the social work profession including how to conduct entry assessments, and is also working on the skills needed to build a good rapport with clients while helping them assess their strengths and needs. More than showing up occasion, Nicole is making a significant contribution through the donation of her time at Turning Point.

Kankunda Klingenberg/St. Patrick’s Episcopal School
Grate Patrol

Kankunda Klingenberg oversees the St. Patrick’s Episcopal School’s (SPES) participation with Grate Patrol, The Salvation Army’s homeless program which helps people without a permanent place to call home. SPES has volunteered for about 14 years. Twice a month, Kankunda, and other group members, prepare a nutritious dinner for the clients served by the ministry. During the fall and winter, soup is given out from the Grate Patrol van and in warmer months it is generally bagged lunches. The value the group brings to the Grate Patrol is immeasurable. Their dedication to the program is nothing short of incredibly.

Monique Thompson
Solomon G. Brown

Monique is a volunteer who helps at Solomon G. Brown Corps located in the Anacostia section of Southeast DC. She helps with all corps programs including recordkeeping, in the kitchen, and teaching several classes. As needed, she is always willing to help perform other tasks. According to Corps leadership, Monique doesn’t have to be asked to do a task. If there is something that needs to be done, she will take the initiative and automatically do it. She is uplifting and always provides encouragement to those around her.

Carmen Murphy
Sherman Avenue

A long time volunteer, Carmen helps at the Sherman Avenue Corps on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the community feeding program on and off for about 6 years. She also pitches in and provides help with the free food giveaway at the Corps on the last Thursday of each month. Delightful and pleasant with a loving and gentle spirit, she is always smiling. It is a characteristic that those around her find inspirational.

Jane Gadee

The leaders of The Salvation Army Alexandria Citadel Corps describe Jane Gadee a model Advisory Board member. First to sign up for service groups and committees within the board, she is always willing to offer council and assistance whenever called upon. Jane is continuously looking for new ways to include more people in the work of The Salvation Army, including her family, friends, and coworkers. Where some are asked to participate, Jane is always asking the question, “What else should I be doing?” The Salvation Army is blessed to have Jane in its corner willing and committed to doing the most good.

Madeline Madison

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Madeline regularly volunteers as receptionist at The Salvation Army Fairfax Corps. She began volunteering during the 2011 Christmas season, and has been helping regularly ever since. Among the duties Madeline has taken on are sorting canned foods, organizing the pantry, filling food box orders, answering phones and providing information regarding social service requirements. In 2012, Madeline volunteered no less than 720 plus hours working every week except for personal vacations or illness. Bilingual, speaking Spanish fluently, Madeline is a real asset to the community we serve. Corps leaders say her faithfulness to the work of The Salvation Army is an inspiration to everyone.


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