Local Officers Lead Way In Storm-Devastated Oklahoma

WASHINGTON -- Three local Salvation Army officers are assisting with vital efforts in Oklahoma after powerful storms swept across the region last month.
Dozens of people were killed, and scores of victims were injured.
"While on the ground, all of the officers will service different functions," says spokesman Ken Forsythe. "These officers were selected because of their extremely good skill sets they all have."
The officials include Major Earl Fitzgerald of The Salvation Army Fairfax Corps, Captain Robin Hackbarth of The Salvation Army Prince William Corps and Lieutenant Trey Jones of The Salvation Army Alexandria Citadel Corps.
Jones will serve as the incident commander in Moore, the site of a massive EF5 twister. He will be managing day-to-day operations of the Salvation Army's disaster response in the city.
"He is being selected for that because of his prior experience," explains Forsythe.
Fitzgerald and Hackbarth will work in the areas of spiritual care and finance, respectively.
The three officers will be stationed in Moore for at least two weeks.
Meanwhile, the Salvation Army is still seeking money to fund relief efforts.
"For disasters, what we really need are financial donations," Forsythe says. "That gives us the greatest flexibility."
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