Help Keep Our Pantries Filled

The Salvation Army has a long history of assisting individuals and families through a wide array of services including life-sustaining nutritional support. Just as it was in 1865, today’s goal remains the same: meet the needs of those in need in His name. This means providing sustenance to prevent children, women and men from going hungry.

The reality for many of the people we serve is that they are cash strapped. Simply put, they have limited or insufficient income to handle a financial crisis should one hit their household. It is the difference between keeping a roof over their heads and having an empty cupboard or, better put, paying rent and going hungry.

According to the U.S. 2010 Census, nearly 96 million Americans are at risk of or suffer from hunger.
In the last three years, The Salvation Army National Capital Area Command is has experienced more than 40% increase in the number of meals distributed to keep local individuals and families nourished. There were over 179,400 meals were distributed in 2012, a significant jumped from 138,800 the year before.
Annually, across the geographic footprint of the NCAC, the average the number of Grocery Orders Filled during each of the last three calendar years was more than 8,800.
The good news is, thanks to your support, The Salvation Army is preventing hunger one meal or box of groceries at a time. However, the summer months are especially challenging on our food pantries. The demand for this service increases and shelves empty more quickly. But, your help will make a difference because the donations we receive are ensuring our neighbors will never go without nutrition especially children.

Every day The Salvation Army distributes prepared meals and groceries are provided to those in need through programs around the region. This includes youth, camping and daily lunch programming, a year-round homeless patrol, an in-patient addiction treatment center for women and men, disaster response, grocery store gift cards and food pantries. The latter, a food pantry, gives The Salvation Army the flexibility to provide this compassionate support to the hungry immediately.

There multiple food pantries throughout the region including DC and City of Alexandria, Northern Virginia, and suburban Maryland where hungry families can turn for grocery assistance.

Eligible individuals and families may visit The Salvation Army in Fairfax, Prince William and Prince George’s counties, and DC Social Services to apply for a box of non-perishable groceries. A concerted effort is made to ensure the boxes or bags contain items from the major food groups: canned vegetables and fruits, wheat including pasta, dairy, and protein. In Woodbridge, at the Prince William County Corps, fresh produce given away as well when it is available. Each box (or bags) contains approximately $30 in grocery items. However, the value of its contents is priceless for the recipient.

Without your support, none of this would be possible. The Salvation Army depends on monetary gifts, grants, local food drives and help from community partners to keep these pantries well stocked. In the National Capital Area, this valuable support is making a real difference in the lives of people in need.

Make a monetary donation today by clicking on DONATE, or drop off a box of dry groceries at your local Salvation Army. Watch this space for an upcoming video edition of Field Journal that focuses on several local food pantries.


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