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We've climbed back near triple digits for the second day in a row in Green Country. For people without air conditioning it's not only miserable, but also dangerous.
In light of the scorching heat, the Salvation Army is in desperate need of fans. They've partnered with Ace Hardware to collect as many as they can over the next week, not only to provide relief for people in need, but to help keep air conditioning costs down when the temperatures go up.

"I couldn't imagine [not having air conditioning.] My A/C went out a couple times temporarily," said Tracey Guzman, Assistant Manager of Westlake Ace Hardware.

Guzman said the recent blistering summers caused them to approach the Salvation Army about holding a fan drive.

That store, at 41st and Peoria, and five others in the community are the drop-off spot for donations this month.

"We've had people bring in fans here and there, but not as many as we'd like," Guzman said.

"We all know heat is coming, and people have to be able to manage in this heat," said Major April Taylor, with the Salvation Army.

Taylor said they agreed to help, hoping to provide relief to the elderly, small children and especially those who are sick.

"When you're not well, and you're running a fever, and you're just melting in this heat, that fan can just help so much," she said.

On a hot day, any sized fan can make a huge difference inside of a home, and while you're not limited to buying from Ace Hardware, they are running promotional deals, like a 20-inch box fan for $16.99.

The Salvation Army already helps provide air conditioning to nearly 3,000 people around Tulsa who can't afford it.

Taylor said these fans would allow them to stretch the service to those individuals further, helping them cut down on their cost.

"This piece is just one more piece on the pile to help," Taylor said.

She said donated fans will go out as fast as they come in, and they'll make sure they get to the people who need them most.

"We want those fans to go to particular special cases and special needs," Taylor said. "Really, do the donors diligence and give it to the right people for the right reasons."

Westlake Ace Hardware will be holding an official fan drive Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Salvation Army's Emergency Financial Assistance Program, also helps people pay their utility bills in emergency situations.

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