Salvation Army Providing Food And Drink To Storm Victims


The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services is providing food and drink in the areas most affected by Tulsa's storms.

The mobile feeding unit is currently roaming neighborhoods in the Tulsa metro stocked with sandwiches, water/Gatorade, snacks and lawn/debris bags to help bring a little relief to those affected as well as those who are responding to the emergency.

Captain Jay Spalding leads the disaster preparedness program for the Tulsa Area Salvation Army and he pointed out if needed The Salvation Army can also provide other essential items in a disaster such as cots, blankets, household clean-up kits containing mops, brooms, bleach, other cleaning supplies, and flashlights .

The Salvation Army in Tulsa relies upon a pool of trained disaster volunteers to provide services to the community when it is needed most.

These volunteers are trained in crisis intervention, emotional and spiritual support and canteen operations. There are also currently eight Salvation Army officers in the Tulsa area who are extensively trained in disaster response work and have firsthand experience operating in a crisis.

The Salvation Army has a tradition of going to help in a disaster without having the funds ahead of time. “We go in to help and hope and pray that the community will support us,” Captain Jay Spalding said.

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