Fox Cities Salvation Army Needs Space for Holiday Distribution

Christmas is still months away, but the Salvation Army of the Fox Cities has run into a snag with where it will hold its Christmas distribution program. The space on East Calumet Street in Appleton where the Salvation Army held its Coats for Kids, Toys for Tots and Christmas distribution last year is no longer vacant this year and available like it was last year.

With just weeks to go until November, when the Salvation Army starts to get set up for the Christmas distribution, it is having a hard time finding a space to use. "If you have some real estate, you want it to be used or sell it or lease it or whatever. And so this is where we are right now that a lot of these, they have been leased, some of them may not be leased 'til January but they want the space open," says Salvation Army Captain Randy Tooley about the search for a place.

The Salvation Army expects to help about 2,200 Fox Valley families this holiday season and says it needs about 20,000 square feet of space to do it. The location would also need about 175 parking spaces, along with working bathrooms. And while the Salvation Army says it would insure the facility and pay the utility bills, it simply needs to a find a space that it can use.

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Source: ABC 2 WBAY

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