Restaurants Partner With Salvation Army To Feed Hungry

Local restaurants and businesses are partnering with the St. Cloud Area Salvation Army to feed the hungry. The nonprofit unveiled the new program, PhilanthroFEED, Friday. The Salvation Army is looking for restaurants to cook and help serve for its lunch program.

If the Salvation Army can have a restaurant volunteer once a week, it could save more than $25,000 a year, said Jim Muellenbach, community development director. The saved money would be routed to other Salvation Army programs. The program has been tested for the last few weeks, and was a success. It exposes more people to the nonprofit’s work, Muellenbach said.

“They have a tie to the Salvation Army,” he said. “They see their donation go out, and they feel their donation go out.”

Texas Roadhouse, Waite Park, volunteered earlier this month. Five staff volunteers prepared and served pork sandwiches, salad, corn and bread. They served about 190 people. The volunteer opportunity fits well into the company’s philosophy on community philanthropy, said Shawn Mason, managing partner. Workers like to give back, and it gives the business a sense of balance.

“My philosophy is that I don’t want to just to be a successful business,” Mason said. “I want the community to want us to be here. I want them to see us get involved.”
The Salvation Army will also take food donations from restaurants, grocery stores and other businesses that sell food.

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