The Salvation Army Is Praying For Syria

Salvation Army leader General André Cox has issued a special appeal to Salvationists to pray for Syria. The country which has been devastated by war is the focus of The Salvation Army's Worldwide Prayer Meeting on Thursday. The United Nations reports that an estimated 5,000 Syrians are fleeing their homes every day, with a total of two million refugees in need of assistance.

Many of them have sought refuge in nearby Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt.
According to the UN, over half of the refugees are children under the age of 17.
Salvationists are being invited to spend 30 minutes in prayer for the country and people affected by the prolonged civil war.

General André Cox said The Salvation Army had been invited to participate in and support the humanitarian effort in Jordan. Officials from The Salvation Army's International Headquarters in London are working in partnership with other non-governmental organisation representatives and a Salvation Army team is to depart for the region soon, he said.

"Since its early days The Salvation Army has responded to crises caused by natural disaster, famine and war," he said.

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Source: World Christian Today

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