e-Waste recycled by ARC

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Recycling is big business today, and the Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) Command is making the most of it, especially by recycling e-waste in California.
Last year, this recycling generated nearly $1.85 million in the Western Territory and kept 12 million pounds of electronics out of landfills—in addition to the 85 million pounds of other waste recycled by the territory.
“The money we generate in California is important as it helps defray the costs of ARC operation in states where they are unable to earn any income from their e-waste recycling,” said Major Mark Nelson, ARC Command general secretary. Though only California ARCs generate revenue, Nelson said other ARC programs in the territory also recycle e-waste as an environmental service to the community.
The ARC works with Electronics Recycler International (ERI), which recycles 25 million pounds of e-waste monthly, to demanufacture items like television sets or computers.
TabARC-16-copyAt the Stockton, Calif., ARC, Director of Production Mark Maceron leads recycling efforts. In 2013, Maceron helped to recycle nearly 451,000 pounds of e-waste, resulting in over $77,000 of income.
“The economic downturn in the community of Stockton in 2008 brought significant challenges to the operation of the Stockton ARC,” Maceron said. “Recycling e-waste and strengthening the overall recycling program helped alleviate some of the financial challenges that arose out of the local economic downturn.”
As Maceron said, it’s a two-part service to the community: additional funding to assist individuals out of addiction, and safely removing hazardous materials from the local environment.

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