We’re Still Fighting Ebola, With Your Support

The headlines may no longer say as much, but we are, in fact, still facing the biggest Ebola epidemic ever.
Since the epidemic started a little more than a year ago in a remote village in Guinea, the world has seen over 21,000 people infected and over 8,400 deaths, according to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) numbers.
But we are feeling optimistic.
Current data show that the numbers of new cases are dropping in all three of the hardest-hit West African countries. An in-depth report from Vox that was released Monday predicts that Ebola could be contained in Liberia between March and June of this year with a rapid decline in new cases following June 2015.
And, from our perspective on the ground, we’re witnessing real, life-saving change and healing within the impacted communities.
Strengthened by our supporters and partners in mission, the relief efforts of The Salvation Army World Service (SAWSO) in Liberia and Sierra Leone have been contributing toward the service of thousands of individuals who have been afflicted with this deadly disease. Families who have lost their members, or their homes and possessions as a result, are being assisted by The Salvation Army with food and material items. Individuals who have been quarantined are being cared for and comforted.

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