On 150th Anniversary, Stats on Salvation Army's Impact

For 150 years, the Salvation Army has been helping people in need.

Recognized today by its 25,000 Christmastime charity bell-ringers and 1,232 thrift stores scattered across the country, the international charitable foundation celebrates its anniversary Thursday with a presence in 126 countries worldwide.

Within the U.S., its services reach hundreds of thousands. Here are some philanthropic stats -- plus a few fun facts starring the Beatles and doughnuts.

The Salvation Army, which claims to be the only charitable organization that offers services in every ZIP code, serves more than 58.4 million meals per year and provides 10.8 million nights of shelter per year in the USA. It also assists more than 200,000 people annually in 142 rehabilitation facilities.

The Salvation Army helps more than 30 million Americans annually, with 3.5 million volunteers and 7,500 centers of operation. That includes 1,232 thrift shops, whose proceeds fully fund the largest free, in-residence drug and alcohol rehab program in the USA.

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