Salvation Army Damaged by Graffiti

The Salvation Army, known for doing the most good, has fallen victim to criminals.

In Charleston, WV, someone vandalized the Salvation Army’s emergency feeding kitchen, bus and building. Now leaders want those responsible to pay up.

“Dice and ‘We back.’" They're words and pictures plastered on the Salvation Army’s emergency feed kitchen along Mary Street in Charleston, WV. Area Commander Aaron Goldfarb said the canteen, bus and building were tagged with graffiti.

"This has really set back and kind of got the Salvation Army off focus about what we're supposed to be doing about helping people,” Goldfarb said. “Now we're going to have to take our canteen in and get the graffiti removed, etc. So we're kind of disappointed about this."

Goldfarb said it could cost up to $4,000 to paint and re-letter the canteen. That money comes from donations from the community -- money that’s supposed to help them.

"And no, instead of helping someone with food we're going to be using some of that money to probably fix this graffiti and it's unfortunate," he said.

"I could get called tomorrow to drive this somewhere for disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy and do I want this driving across the country with dice written on it?" Goldfarb said.

"We really need this to stop so we can focus on the things that are important," he added.


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