The Salvation Army Getting Creative with Donations

Today kicks off a week long celebration that puts The Salvation Army in the spotlight.  They say it's important to remember giving is more than just a Christmas time activity because they help people all year round. 
Josh Bernal knows how important The Salvation Army can be to somoene's life.
"It's my family," Bernal said when talking about how he felt about The Salvation Army.
Bernal is just 16 years old but he's been getting help from the organization since he was just 5 years old. It's a huge part of who he is.
"The Salvation Army is what I've been growing up with it's what I've known for most of my life besides school," said Bernal.
The Salvation Army is struggling though and now they have to be creative.
"We were short about $80,000  at Christmas time and that's a large amount of money for an organization like The Salvation Army," said the Brown County Salvation Army Captain, Ken Shiels.
You typically see the bell ringers around Chrismast reminding people to give, but now new events are being created to make up for being in the red.
"Christmas in July where the kettles are going back out on the street," said Shiels.
This is just one of the events The Salvation Army is using to try to get more donations.  They're also targeting a younger, busier crowd with things like QR codes for your phone and website donations. Those donations are used for basic needs programs such as hot meals, clothing, dental programs and scholarships for families.
Those who get the help want ot return the favor.
"I would love to help out and be one of the big people in the building, you know the guy that has the big desk in the back and dealing out the paper work and stuff.  I love it.  This would be a great job," said Bernal.
The Salvation Army hasn't had to close and programs yet this year, but they are trimming where they can find room.

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